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It was never hard for Jim to break into Baker Street. It was hardly difficult, and Sherlock certainly wasn’t impressed when he walked into find Jim skimming through his case notes or reorganizing his shelves. Sherlock never worried about security or the things he firmly labelled “Mycroft’s Territory”.

Jim was never particularly impressed with the lack of challenge in getting into Baker Street, or Sherlock’s reactions, or the entirely accurate case notes that explained the details of a current crime (just not his involvement). Truth was, until they got the initial reactions out of the way and got to conversation and proper flirting, the whole thing was dull.

What was impressive was the day Sherlock broke into Jim’s home. Not a decoy apartment, or a little place taken under his name he sometimes stayed at. But his place in Dublin. His proper home. With all the security Jim could have on it.

Jim wasn’t even there at the time. He was in Scotland working a job when his alarm was tripped. The feed that cycled to his phone had been intentional, Sherlock making a show of it. It ruined half of his week’s plans to deal with the security breach. He had to find a whole new staff, and design a new system of lock. It took months to fix the damage the Sherlock’s little stunt had caused.

Jim had never been so turned on in his life.

"Easy, Tiger!" by Andrew Scott



Andrew Scott saying "Easy, Tiger!"

…That’s all.

This is my blog title for like forever and I’m sort of experiencing the feeling of heaven right now.

I think he’s only on for the first five minutes, but you can listen online here.

Remember that second-long-if-that audio post that was just him saying “Sebastian” from when he said “Johann Sebastian would be appalled” in Sherlock? Yeah, we mormor shippers take what we can get.




a god complex is when youre so narcassistic that you feel invicible like normal laws of humanity dont apply to you, this is sometimes dangerous, like a loaded gun. therefore when someone feeds your ego they are cocking it and eventually you will pull the trigger and do something dangerous 

a loaded god complex cock it and pull it



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